We Make Your Mug Happy 

Happy Mug Coffee: Edinboro, PA

Our coffee is supplied from Happy Mug Coffee. All coffee distributed by Happy Mug is grown organically and purchased from reliable sources. Coffee is primarily grown in third world countries. When you drink a Happy Mug coffee you are giving back to the families who live and work in those countries. The farms they buy from have built schools, orphanages, medical clinics, and paid their workers fair wages. The company also uses American made equipment. They strive to operate as "green" as possible.

Our Coffee is rated among the top 3% Best tasting coffees in the world

Every drink ordered is made specially for you. We offer a variety of milk types, flavor shots and specialty drinks to ensure that every sip will leave a smile on your face. Frappes and smoothies can help you cool down on hot summer days, and our hot lattes and mochas will warm you when there is a chill in the air.